Thursday, September 6, 2012

How to save the marriage relationship, to create a strong and happy family?

Reason to assume that the longer people live together, the less interesting they become to each other that they do not talk about that to keep the relationship in marriage or children help, or habit, or the inability to have settled in different apartments. Many people think that they are so well known to each other, that they have nothing to talk about, and nothing new to each other, they can not tell the Russian girl.

This blinkered view often prevents keep warm and trusting relationship in marriage. And sometimes the couple live, accumulating inside the mutual claims and grievances, the pain of grief and confusion.

What often prevents to create a strong and happy family, and keep a good relationship in marriage? First of all - this ignorance partner. Yes, yes, and do not tell me yourself that you know it is 100%, and that's nothing new, he will not say, and that you know what to expect, and what not. And do not say that you are not interested in what he does and everything that he tells you - this is not for you Russian girl.

It is these beliefs harm your relationship. Often, it is the lack of interest in the affairs of a spouse is the stumbling block for many who stumble couples. And it is this lack of interest in the man harms the very first Russian woman. If you do not listen to his character, even if you do not go into a little bit of his case, do not discuss their problems and do not ask a loved one, how he plans to solve a problem that is new in his life, and so on, sooner or later find one that will listen to him. Or the man just closes in itself, and it is not the best way to affect his interest in you as a Russian woman, let alone the creation of a strong and united family and say nothing.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to communicate with a Russian girl

To communicate with a Russian girl is very simple:

- Choose the right attitude to communication. Try to be confident, and enjoy directly from the communication, because it's nice to chat with the beautiful and intelligent Russian women. Do not express arrogance, timidity or irritability towards strangers, show interest and try to stay friendly.

- Listen to the words of the interlocutor, as is the activity of an active, not passive. Russian Woman to listen with interest, otherwise, do not waste your time and sharing your time and communication.

- Stay calm and confident person with a grimace of anxiety you are sure you do not decorate, just try not to puzzle over, it will do you have to impress her and woo. Think about what you can offer the other party in the communication process. Quietly look into the eyes of the Russian girl, it promotes trust setting.

- Peace of the listener - the listener is someone who empathizes with the other party, it has the sympathy of a trust. If people notice what is actually taking it and understand it instantly comes a sense of trust, and as a consequence, you will also be interesting to talk with a girl and you want to spend time with her as much as possible, and the Russian girl would be happy to talk with you.

- You have to be persistent, often people will give up, but not defeated.

- In the process of communicating praise her and tell her compliments. Keep in mind that everybody likes, when the source remembers their words and compliments all the original work wonders.

- And most importantly - a smile. When communicating with the vending girl should smile as often as possible, we feel comfortable with people who can laugh at themselves and the world.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Where can I find the courage and confidence when meeting with a Russian girl of your dreams?

This sentence ends with one of the comments sent to my address. In answering this question, one can not forget about the books, the so-called "gurus" in the field of seduction - Bogachev and VF S.Gorina. But it is true whether the application of these principles in relation to the Russian girl, if we consider the moral aspect of NLP? Probably, everyone decides that for themselves, as they say, to the extent of his depravity :) But, imagine if it were another, and she has applied these principles in relation to you. Certainly, none of us wants to be caught in a trap whose - is of interest. But do not let the bad news, as I said, everyone is entitled to decide what to do, and accordingly, all subsequent responsibility falls on him. We are responsible for those we have tamed.
Those who have decided that an increase in their self-esteem is far from ideal at the expense of NLP is that it needs to, can stop reading. Go to the NLP courses and will teach you all things, but do not forget that in the depths of you still remain yet confident guy, who always have been.
Those who are still reading this article, I will tell some pretty effective ways to increase their self-esteem and gaining as a result of self-confidence.

First. Self-confidence does not appear out of nowhere. It can be based on your achievements in life. Find your favorite business and achieve results in it.
Two. Find exactly a sport, and deal with it. I advise you to find it "their" sport, as not everyone likes going to the gym and pump muscles. Just as not all girls like aerobics.
Three. Affirmations very helpful, especially if they say the first night in the mirror (do not worry, it's not so bad, and no one is going to incriminate you in a lack of masculinity, you do not impose a make-up, and are improving self-esteem). Then, it is desirable to record their statements on a piece of paper and put it beside the bed. In the morning first thing you need to find a convincing (you can have without a mirror), and most importantly to understand the word phrases, not just stupid to look at it. Phrases can be very diverse - for each they own. The only thing they should be short, positive and assertive.
For example:
I sucked his opinion at the next meeting! I do know that I'll get a success! I am successful and confident!

The main thing to know and understand that everyone has flaws, and if you are aware of their shortcomings and work on them, one that makes you stronger and more successful than your competitors. Many deny the fact that they have a little tummy, and that the beer - the smaller ones could have been drinking, and for the appearance of better care. And then complain about the lack of female attention. I never cease to repeat to his friends and acquaintances male - if you believe in yourself (not to be confused with arrogance), then you wake up some power, which attracts almost every feminine look to you.
Self-confident man knows his strengths and knows his weaknesses, but in contrast to the uncertain youngster, he focuses on the merits, stressing them and carrying yourself with pride for life. Such a man is worthy of enthusiastic female gaze, and with it would be desirable, if not hold together for life, then at least take a closer look. Such a man, and interesting person to talk with erudition he's all right. Ideally, this is one you can rely on in difficult situations. Improving your image, you realize that you are one of a kind and unique in their own and find more strengths and your weaknesses are not brought to you already so much trouble. A girl of your dreams, at a meeting with you, do not pay attention to your not the ideal shape, face, bulbous nose and hairy legs :), because it is most interesting to know you better, what kind of person you are and whether you have life partner :)

I wish all guys who aspire to become men to improve themselves both internally and externally, then everything will follow - and the courage and confidence, and the girl of your dreams with you by the hand.

Good luck with your future men!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Beautiful russian women for older men

Flynn, dressed in a coat of arms du Plessis, was accompanied by Angelica, naked russian women, carrying the train of her sumptuous dress.
- Do not try to wipe his nose with his sleeve - he said Angelica, nude russian ladies, not looking back.
- Yes, madam, - sighed wistfully tomboy of the Court of Miracles
Flynn could not recover from the luxury and splendor that surrounded him and his mistress.
Versailles has not yet had the overwhelming greatness of what he had to give two white wing architect Monzarom the completed by the end of the kingdom of. Honestly, it was a beautiful palace, towering on a hill with a unique architecture, its wrought-iron balconies, tall, lined with mosaics, wickets. Architectural ornaments, decorative masks, ma ¬ Lyonka vases - were all gilded and glittered like jewels in a casket. New tiles reflect light around the edges, and smooth lines of lining, seemed to melt and disappear in the azure sky.
Around the palace of great excitement prevailed. suits servants and lackeys were mixed with dark blouse workers, who went back and forth with wheelbarrows and working tool. Sounds of the treated stone blended with the jingle of spurs of the royal musketeers, who were at the center of the palace.
Angelica, nake russian girls, looked around, not a single familiar face. She began to beat shiver. She entered the palace through the door of the left wing, came and went seemed to be more numerous.
Most of the colored marble staircase led her into the great hall, where the group has settled modestly dressed people who looked with surprise at the newcomer. Angelica, popular russian girls, asked where she came, and she replied that she got into the guard room. Every Monday they left their asylum petitions, and soon received a response.
Marquis, in his dress, with behind felt uncomfortable in the gray crowd of ordinary mortals. Suddenly, she saw Madame Scarron, and happily ran to her, happy to have found a familiar person.

Beautiful russian women for donor egg

It seemed that the journey will not end ever road was terrible. Deep tread on two Millennium, the wheels of carts, every day, and overcame a same route, was filled with liquid mud. These body by order of King carried the stones, marble, gravel cementite, lead pipes and statues for decoration yards] travelers travelers and coachmen were swearing at the human light stands.
- Madam, we had to go through to the other to St. Cloud - said Zhavotta, petite russian girls.
- No, this is a very long time, I would not have made the journey. Every few minutes, Angelica, petite russian girls, put out
head, the risk of being splattered with mud to spoil the creation of liquid Binet.
- Hurry up, the driver, heck, your horses creep, as a horse, - nervously cried Angelica, nude russian girls, waving a fan.
But in the haze of the horizon, she saw the sparkling high colossus. The sun's rays were scattered patches of light, and they seemed to be absorbed with a whole world of that spring morning.
- Oh, that is! - Cried the startled Madame Plessy. The cabby smiled, twirling his mustache.
Angelica's heart fluttered like a trapped bird cage, ready to break and vyporhnut to light of day.
- This is Versailles, Madame Marquis, russian girls erotic.
After some time they reached the gates of the palace. Here, the coach had to stop to let another crew arrived at the other way, from Saint-Cloud. Beautiful carriage was drawn by six bay horses, rode in front and rear escort of honor is, of course, came Philippe d'Orleans, brother of the king of his wife's carriage followed at some distance, and was drawn by six white horses.
Having missed two of the crew, Angelica followed them. She did not think about the danger her hour has come trium. Having paid so dearly EA this moment, Madame de Plessis Dr. Beller was at the height of bliss.

Beautiful russian women for brides

Marquise du Plessis de Beller June 21, 1666 was on the road to Versailles. She was not invited, but was bblshee - determination seductive Russian women.
Her coach was hung inside the velvet curtains coming down with a fringed awning hiding from prying eyes. The back wheels of the crew were gilded carriage door was decorated with coat of arms du Plessis, and two beautiful horses in the apples, decorated with red plumes, complement this wonderful ensemble.
Angelica was dressed in ash-green brocade dress with a large silver flowers, long pearl necklace a few times twined round the neck of a swan, and, sinking, ended just below his chest seductively. Golden hair was combed Madame Binet and were also adorned with pearls, and two light pen crowned with white hair. His face was narumyaneno with great care, but in moderation: it was not visible signs of injuries endured by a few days ago. A small bruise on his temple was neatly covered with flies, which Ninon cut out heart shapes. Another fly, a little less, located at the corner of his mouth, which corresponded to the fashion. Angelica, naked hot russian girls, was great! Wearing a white kid gloves and picking up a Chinese painted fan, she leaned over to the window, the coach:
- The driver in Versailles! - She cried.
Anxiety and joy made her so nervous that Madame du Plessis brought with her maid Zhavottu, popular russian girls, to chat on the way and not be alone with his thoughts.
- Oh! We're going to Versailles, Zhavotta, whispered Angelique, petite russian girls, panting with happiness.
Russian girl sitting in front of her, dressed in a muslin cap and apron painted.
- I was already there, madam! On Sunday we went to watch the King dines.

Beautiful russian women first international

With Barbie, the grandfather of Molina's children will feel like a clover.
Arriving in Paris, Angelika, pregnant russian women, immediately went to her friend Ninon - de Lanklo. The famous courtesan for the past three months were true Duke Gassenperu. Now the Duke was at the court. Two days of Madame du Plessis was lying in bed with a plaster, ointments and compresses to the wounded body. Ninon, he said, that had an accident on the road and allegedly e carriage broke. But as Ninon was a smart Russian woman, you did not ask too many questions, skillfully making his case, the clean-girlfriend.
Courtesan said that hours ago had seen Philip of Poitou. He went to Versailles. There, under the shadow of the castle, was provided a whole program of entertainment: ballet, comedy, walks, fireworks. There were many guests, and those who are not in the list, 'kicking themselves. Sitting at the head of Angelica, Ninon said that she will find peace of complexion, which is needed in Versailles.
Here, in his hotel quarters she Ninon, De Lanklo, was the queen, not the court. E is enough to know that the king is often on a particular occasion to say:
- And what would say about half of this Russian beauty Ninon? She forbade her scandalous reputation on etiquette
be adopted at Versailles.
- When you're in Versailles, my dear, - said at the Angelica, nud russian girls, - do not forget me.
Courtesan is not jealous of Angelica, and she s happy.
A slight nod of the head of Madame du Plessis made it clear her friend, do not forget it. After a few days all the bruises and wounds on the body of Angelica healed. She is ready to go to Versailles.
- Bless me, - she said Ninon de Lanklo *, leaving the cabin.
- Everything will be fine, do not worry - at parting Ninon hugged her friend.